Daniel Powell

Owner and Manager

Dissatisfied with the limited media opportunities available in the motorsport arena, a 20 year old Daniel Powell took the plunge and single-handedly created the Redline Media brand.

Building on his prior experience as a freelance journalist, Daniel spearheaded a powerful online campaign to open industry doors; and open doors he did. With unfailing determination, Daniel has been the driving force in the Redline Media evolution. As undisputed leaders in the motorsport industry, the Redline team manage some of the sport’s biggest names.

As a veritable fountain of information in his industry, Daniel is now sought after as a keynote speaker and brand ambassador, willing to share his story and knowledge with enthusiasm and candour. His easy, laidback manner belies a dogged steadfastness, which is absolutely imperative to survival in both motorsport and business.

If you need a driving force to motivate your team, get in touch with Daniel on 0432 126 210 or send an email to daniel(at)redlinemedia.com.au.