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Daniel Powell<p>Owner and Manager

Daniel Powell

Owner and Manager

At the young age of 20, our founder Daniel Powell single-handedly created the Redline Media brand, building the company from the ground up against innumerable odds.

With no outside funding, Powell’s is a classic rags to riches tale, in which a young man of humble means managed to turn his modest venture into the thriving business it is today, through hard work and unfailing determination.

Having had a unique introduction into the business world at such a tender age, Powell now offers his services as a motivational public speaker and brand endorser, in order to share his story and his knowledge and show others that anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it.

To find out more about Powell’s journey as a young sole proprietor and for public speaking engagements and bookings, please contact Redline Media today.

Ally Stoyel<p>Content Producer

Ally Stoyel

Content Producer

The newest member of the team, Ally Stoyel joined Redline Media a year ago and currently undergoes a number of duties, including writing and editing, and administration of the company’s website and social media channels.

Alan Thompson<p>Graphic and Web Designer

Alan Thompson

Graphic and Web Designer

A veteran of the team, Alan Thompson has been working for Redline Media for almost a decade, looking after all of our graphic design projects from websites, posters, marketing proposals, logos and much more.

The Team


Phone: 0432 126 210


Email: daniel@redlinemedia.com.au

Phone: 0432 126 210

Email: daniel@redlinemedia.com.au